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Buying A Flute


Buying a flute is entirely a matter of personal preference.  There are a lot of flutemakers available online, and throughout the United States, especially, it's common to meet up with flutemakers at the various marketplaces and festivals.
To find reputable flute makers, check the wide list of resources on the World Flute Society or Renaissance of the North American Flute Foundation sites (see our links page) or refer to our list of resources for ideas of flutists and flutemakers with whom we've personally connected...  and contact them with your questions.
Native American Style Flutes can be made from a variety of woods, often red cedar , sumac, aspen, etc....  and each wood offers a different warmth and tone.
The best way to find a flute you want, may be to check out several websites and listen to the flutes offered for sale there.  See which tones are most pleasing to your ear, and of course, see which flutes fit within your price range!  Flutes may also be found on e-bay...
Most sites include care of flutes and how to play the flutes, including fingering charts, and a few songs to get you started.
In the end, your purchase (or gift) will provide you with hours of musical enjoyment and serenity!  A gift of a lifetime!

"Music gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and life to everything."

- Plato -


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