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How the Flute Has Changed My Life - Janina



Throughout my heart and soul, I have always loved the sound of flutes.  I was visiting in the Black Hills of South Dakota several years ago, and visited with a flute player at Kevin Costner’s Tatanka Museum… He was inspiring. 

Then, one day, a couple of years ago, our school took our students to share in a presentation with one of Canada’s best selling authors, David Bouchard.  David played his two Native American Flutes for us, and as the ethereal sound floated around us and through our souls, I knew immediately deep down inside that this was the instrument for me.

Within several months I located a flute for myself from Gary Badke (an E) and began to experience the journey of life as a flutist. 

Now, every morning, I awake with the smile, peace, and joy in my heart that says “I am a flutist.  I have been given the opportunity to share in the music of a most beautiful instrument and I am so thankful.” 

Joy.  Serenity.  Connection. These are the exquisite gifts shared with me through my flute.  I find the flute to be a medium for the celebration of one’s emotions, the life and land around one, and also as a connection for friendship.  I treasure the rich conversations with and guidance from flutists around the world who rejoice in the music that we share!

When I lift the flute to my lips, I often do not think about what I am going to play.  I close my eyes and just play.  Many days, the songs are beautiful, travelling from my soul through the heart of the flute and outward… beyond me, filling the spaces and places in song.  In sharing, others seem to find peace, happiness, tranquility and even healing as they in turn find their own connection with the flute, and the gift is passed along. 

Some days the songs don’t sound good at all, and on those occasions, I am even more strongly reminded to be humble and to continue my learning.  I am not a trained musician, although I experiment with playing many instruments.  Playing the Native American Style Flute has helped me understand and hear music even more and better than before, and has helped me develop more skills with other instruments such as the penny whistle, recorder, bamboo flutes and my didgeridoo.  I have learned a great deal more of the history and geography of our North American continent; I have learned a lot about the variety, history and folklore of the flutes worldwide; and I have been introduced to a new age of music which encompasses the heart of our humanity today….

The flute has been life-changing and ever-inspiring!


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