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Making A Flute

Cedar Flute Blanks

Flutes ready to be tuned and stained

Making A Flute
Counsellor and Cultural Advisor, David Rattray, from northern BC, Canada, recently offered a flute-making workshop to teachers at the Mighty Peace Teachers' Convention in Grande Prairie.  NANA's Janina Carlstad, was excited to be one of the participants!
David provided routed blanks of cedar for G minor flutes and drones.  A variety of birds were available for application to the flutes.  A lot of pre-workshop prepping was done by David so that participants could experience the success of finishing their flutes by the end of the one day workshop. 
David's students (us) were instructed to sand the flutes, carefully notch out sound holes, glue the halves of the flutes together,  drill finger holes, prepare the bird, and shape and sand our new flutes!
It was a tremendous experience to learn how these amazing instruments operate from the "inside out", and to be the FIRST one to breathe the voice into the newly formed flute!
Many thanks go to Mr. Rattray for an excellent cultural experience!

Notching for a drone
Drilling to notch sound chambers - Photo by L. Snyder

Our Mentor and Cultural Advisor


Sanding the bird

At the end of the day... a whole new group of flute players left the room with their new flutes, and the journey of their music awaits them...
**Mr. Rattray presented another flute making workshop at Bonanza School on April 20, 2010 to the Peaceful Night Flute Circle.  Students made Gminor flutes of red cedar.  The event was part of the Earth Week Festivities being held at the school.


Displaying David's flutes - photo by L. Snyder

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