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Wolf Pack*

Student Pages
The Wolf Pack Pages are made especially for YOU, our students, who are excited to join in this musical journey!
No membership, age limits, or access to Facebook or other networks is required to connect here with this circle of musicians, artists, authors, and educators...and it is hoped that you will find this resource to be a safe and caring source from which you may find the information you seek!
Please feel free to browse through the rest of the site, too, of course! 
The NANA Flute Circle is for all of us!

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Do You Have Questions About Your Flutes
or About Playing Them?
The two boxes below are question boxes or actually a guest book where you may ask questions about the flutes or share an exciting story or performance with the flutes.
I will try to get back to you and answer your questions as quickly as possible! 
J. Carlstad


Mrs. Carlstad and Gus Gus the Beaver

Welcome to our Student Pages!
My name is Janina Carlstad, although some of my friends in our Flute Circle call me "Paqtesm" which is Mic'Maq for Wolf...and others call me the "Aspen Wolf ".  Some of you may know me from our flute classes together!
I love nature, music, reading, and teaching!  It is fun to share it all with you and I am happy to answer questions about  the flute or connect you with someone else who can. We hope you will enjoy your journey with these flutes and share your beautiful music and creativity with the world! "Many blessings and may you always share the songs within your heart!"

Friends - These are now YOUR instruments of peace, love, and friendship! Make their music your own....
...and enjoy the journey, with this melodic instrument
that is rapidly making its way
into the lives of people around the world...
ALWAYS remembering to thank in your heart, the flute makers, who make our flute music possible through the construction of these beautiful instruments!
*Why call this the "Wolf Pack"? many FIrst Nations teachings, the wolf is a teacher, a creature of change, and also one of humility (being humble)...  With the interest many of us have in also seemed a fitting title! :)


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