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Rising Windz Flute Circle

R W Zahara Elementary School Fine Arts

Students' flutes with their new base coat of Gesso

Rich Dube - our Northern Spirits Flute Maker!!!

Approximately 50 students from R W Zahara Elementary School are embarking on a World Music journey of their own.  Aspects of drama, art, music, technology, and storytelling all come together to provide an intense and fun-filled Fine Arts program for grade 5 and 6 students. Students are in the process  of constructing,  painting their own Native American style flutes, and producing carrying bags (of fleece)  throughout the month of January.  February and onwards will see the students experiencing a variety of teachings and fine arts related projects with their new instruments and other world instruments.

The flutes are made of ABS food grade plastic (from Rich Dube's Northern Spirit Flutes in Saskatoon), and offer students the experience of creating a beautiful art piece as well as producing a concert tuned instrument that may be accompanied by other flutes, drums, guitar or piano.  The flutes are easily played and enable students to immediately participate in a beautiful sound experience that reaches well beyond the classroom and into life.  Students will have the experience of playing a variety of other world instruments in accompaniment with the flutes, and are looking forward to creating their own music videos.  Stay tuned to hear our students sharing a few original compositions and popular songs with their flutes soon!

A number of grade 5 and 6 students who are not currently taking the Fine Arts program are excited about the flutes too.  We are accomodating that interest by making flutes available to these students as well, and the school's flute circle (Rising Windz Flute Circle) meets at last recess on Tuesdays and Thursdays to allow everyone a chance to play!  Additional practice and circle times will be provided if extra practice is required for events on our calendar!

Occasionally, we are requested to play for events as well... this December finds us at the Grande Prairie Museum Old Fashioned Christmas and at the Sexsmith Civic Centre for Christmas performances.

A big thank you to musician, John Fletcher, and our school’s FNMI liaison, Glenda Ross, for their help in flute construction, painting, and decorating our flutes!!!!

Mr. Fletcher helps with flute construction
Mrs. Carlstad prepping to drill flutes
Mrs. Ross helps paint on Gesso top coat

Rising Windz Flute Circle Performances
March - Mini Festival at RWZ with EE Oliver Hand Bell Students
April - Grande Prairie Music Festival

Student Pages are available on "The Wolf Pack"... where students may access songs and information about other flute players, NANA members, and flute makers.


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